European Common Lisp Meeting, Hamburg, September 13, 2009

As the meeting is over, we use this place to assemble links to the presentations given that day.

And here are links for the lightning talks held in the afternoon:

Here's what some of the attendants wrote about the meeting in their blogs:

Rainer Joswig also published some photos taken at the ECLM here.

If you've written something and you're not listed above, let us know. And if you've posted photos from the meeting somewhere, we'd also like to know!

We eventually had 74 participants from 20 different countries. For posterity here's a list of them.

Our income from bank transfers, PayPal, and cash collected at the meeting itself - including a donation from - was EUR 9,928.81. Our expenses this year were EUR 2,600.00 for the boat tour, EUR 6,656.50 for the hotel, and EUR 764.37 for miscellaneous other things. That leaves us with a loss of EUR 92.06 which was luckily covered by the "profit" from 2008.

Thanks to James Anderson who provided the photos on this page.

For info about the other European Common Lisp Meetings click below:

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