European Common Lisp Meeting, Hamburg, April 30, 2006


As the meeting is over, we use this place to assemble links to the presentations given that day.

Markus Fix is trying to make available sound recordings of the talks. Check his website.

Here's what some of the attendants wrote about the meeting in their blogs:

And here are more photos (by Simon Ellefsen).

After a couple of cancellations and with some people simply not showing up we finally had 119 participants from 19 different countries. For posterity here's a list of them.

We got EUR 749.67 (including some excess Cents from PayPal) in donations from Engelke Eschner, Markus Eslitzbichler, Lutz Euler, Frank Goenninger, Dieter Hoffmann, Luke Gorrie, Andrew Lawson, LispWorks Ltd, Stephane Perrot, Johan Ur Riise, Alberto Santini, and Samir Sekkat. Thanks guys!

In case you're interested in the dirty financial details: Our income from bank transfers, PayPal and cash collected at the meeting itself (excluding donations) was EUR 14,183.26. We had to pay EUR 2,732.30 to the Schatto Pauli restaurant (including about EUR 90 for drinks people forgot to pay) and EUR 11,692.00 to the Gastwerk hotel. So we lost about 241 Euros plus some bucks for badges, printing the schedule, and other stuff. In the end, we just had one person who registered and didn't come without cancelling or paying, but it turns out we completely underestimated the drinks on Sunday. We think it was worth it, though... :)

Thanks to James Anderson who provided the photos on this page.

For info about the other European Common Lisp Meetings click below:

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